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Learning Parties

Mega School 1 is pioneering Learning Parties, which are fun and engaging mini-courses for you and "your tribe" in the comfort of your home.  All Learning Parties are free (but we do take tips!).   Plus, we even give you a "party favor" for learning with us!

Outdoor Party


Learning Parties (LPs)

What's a Learning Party like?  Visit a local "Show 'n Tell" to experience an introductory Learning Party.  You will walk through an actual LP where you'll preview 2-3 LPs in open-enrollment.

Learn About Show 'n Tell

View Open Enrollment LPs


Teaching Assistants (TA)

Teaching Assistants, or TAs, simply facilitate learning at Learning Parties (LPs).  They are not authorities on any subject matter, they can only share what they know in a clear and concise way.  Most importantly, they will share *HOW* they came to learn what they know, so that students can truly acquire the same knowledge.

We call the facilitators TAs because we believe only God is the one true Teacher.  This model keeps us humble, whether or not one believes in God. 




All TAs facilitate Learning Parties for free, though tips are accepted.  Moreover, a TA can optionally split their tip with their Sponsor TA (the TA through whom they learned), just as a restaurant waiter/waitress may split their tips with the hosts, bussers, cooks, etc.   This creates a "domino" of tip splitting through the chain of Sponsor TAs.  Our tip splitting model, purely optional, allows a TA to work full time, based on merit.

Again, all tipping is entirely optional, there are no legally binding financial contracts of any kind, either expressed or implied. 


Learning Party Favors

As a "party favor" for participating in a Learning Party, each participant is rewarded with USA, a digital token (cryptocurrency) with the potential to replace the US dollar.   

Learn more about USA


Decentralizing Education

Mega School 1 hopes to decentralize education through our Learning Party model.  We believe decentralizing wealth and power requires decentralizing education, so hopefully Learning Parties can help decentralize education, wealth, and power.

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