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Third Party policies will always be (1) mainstream rather than "moderate", (2) reasonable, (3) fair, and (4) practical.


Abortion is one of the most controversial political issues in America, here's Third Party's policy:


We will make abortion rare through VOLUNTARY programs, because most Americans want abortion to be rare.  Nothing more and nothing less. 


Please read below for more detail.

Practical Concerns for Abortion


Whether and when abortion should be legal is hotly controversial, there is no mainstream view.  As such, Third Party does NOT have a stance on the legality of abortion, that is, whether it should be legal and/or when it should be legal.


Abortion is already medically safe for mothers, and thus, no policy is needed.


Abortion is very prevalent, with over 60 million abortions since Roe v Wade.  This prevalence goes against mainstream America's desire for abortion to be rare.  As such, Third Party supports policies that makes abortion rare, VOLUNTARILY.  Our policies will go NO further than this, as long as this remains the mainstream American view.


The practicality of abortion was well articulated by the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  She clearly and eloquently stated the practical issues of abortion are whether it is legal, safe, and rare.  This clear articulation made it easy for Third Party to develop a mainstream policy on abortion.

Third Party's abortion policy was created by Jerome Bell.

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