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Mega School 1

Mega School 1 is the first Mega School in the world.  Our goal is to build a nation in Antarctica.  It will be built both for and by respectful, free human beings.

Learning Parties

Learning Parties are fun and engaging mini-courses for you and "your peeps" in the comfort of your home.  All Learning Parties are free (but we do take tips!).   Plus, we even give you a "party favor" for learning with us!

Coming Soon!

Teaching Assistants

All Learning Parties are facilitated by Teaching Assistants (TAs).  They are not authorities on any subject matter, they can only share what they know in a clear and concise way.  Most importantly, they will share *HOW* they came to learn what they know, so that students can truly acquire the same knowledge.

We call the facilitators TAs because we believe only God is the one true Teacher.  This model keeps us humble, whether or not one believes in God. 

Wanted TAs

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