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Third Party

Third Party is a political party, literally named "Third Party", that serves as a practical civics course focused on building better political systems.

We build better political systems by being a FAILSAFE for dysfunctional political systems.


Corruption by Design

Any two party system leads to systemic dysfunction and destruction, because each party simply needs to be the "lesser evil" or even collude to gain power.  Thus, there is a universal need for a reliable third option to create 3-way races (or more) in every election and "referee" the two major parties to become better each election.  Third Party aims to be the reliable third option on every ballot.

Mainstream By Design

Third Party is NOT ideology based, we simply serves as a "fail safe" for dysfunctional political systems.  We do so by focusing on the 90% agreement we all have across the political spectrum/map.  Our 90% agreement is what is truly mainstream, as opposed to "moderate" ideas, as so called "moderate" policies are simply watered down controversial policies.  Mainstream policies are the things that 90%+ of voters truly believe in their heart of hearts, behind closed doors, and off the record. 

Open Source by Design

We are structurally designed to be an "open source" political party where we provide a practical example of how any party or independent candidate can run a successful campaign.  Our "secret sauce" (policies, strategies, practices, etc) will be immediately published into the public domain, so any one can "steal" our ideas, in fact that's the goal. 


Mostly Unpopular by Design

Our goal is to NOT win most of the time, only a minority of the time, since we are just a "fail safe" (should you use your back up generator most of the time?).  As such, we're only  "popular" when ALL other parties are "unpopular", and we're "unpopular" when literally ANY other party is "popular".  You could say we're like The Avengers, we only assemble when needed.


Self Sustainable by Design

Teenagers (13-18) will exclusively control and operate Third Party.  This is permanent, so once a teen turns 19, they cannot participate in the control or operations of the party.  This structural design allows Third Party to be a self-sustainable "fail safe".  Nonetheless, any adult of any age can run as a Third Party candidate.


Quantifiable Success by Design

Third Party's success is measured by (1) higher voter turnout, (2) higher approval ratings for each party on the ballot, and (3) winning only a MINORITY of the time.  This means the voter turn out should increase with each election.  It also means the Republican's approval rating should increase each election, along with the Democrat's, and also Third Party's, etc.  Lastly, Third Party should NOT win most of the time, since other parties/independents should be "stealing" Third Party's open-source success model, making us "unpopular" most of the time.

Principles and Standards

Third Party policies will always be (1) mainstream rather than "moderate", (2) reasonable, (3) fair, and (4) practical.

Real Engagement

We will genuinely try to win your vote, we will treat you like you're the prettiest girl at the school dance.

Third Party will coordinate as many local, in person "brainstorming parties" as possible, so your voice is heard.  This alone should greatly reduce the need for expensive campaigns, because everyone will already know what the plan is.

Clarity and Transparency

The party will operate as an open book, it will be like watching a Netflix documentary about Third Party, but in real time.

All policies will be laws, rather than budgets, written at a 5th grade reading level.  We will test readability with literal 5th graders (C or above reading level) who will both read and explain all policies.  This is our test for policy clarity.


All policies will be mainstream rather than "moderate".  So called "moderate" policies are just watered down controversial policies and are thus impractical.  Mainstream means 90%+ of Americans sincerely believe in a given policy.  Sincerity is measured by what an individual believes in their heart of hearts, behind closed doors, and off the record. 

Third Party policies will always be mainstream (not "moderate"), reasonable, fair, and practical.

Learn more about our Policies.

Watch our policy podcast!


Third Party will always use effective strategies.

Build a Liberty Economy

We will build a Liberty Economy, which is a parallel economy for people who believe in individual liberty.  We will focus on recruiting local, small businesses and partner with them to teach financial literacy to any and all residents at no charge.  With a financially literate electorate, we can collectively find effective solutions to community issues.

Build Party Infrastructure

We will build robust political infrastructure which frees our candidates to focus on engaging with citizens rather than administrative tasks.  

We will recruit teens to manage ALL of the administrative tasks including: social media management, candidate website management, clear documentation of campaign rules and regulations, signature collection, etc.  We firmly believe teens are NOT stupid nor irresponsible, they are more than capable of these responsibilities.

We will engage adults to (1) develop mainstream, not "moderate", policies, (2) donate to campaigns, and (3) respectfully promote quality candidates to fellow community members.

Find Quality Candidates

We will search for candidates with "their head on straight" to run as Third Party.  Third Party believes we can attract quality candidates by running our party in a way that is reasonable, fair, and practical.  We aim to give our candidates the best party experience so they can focus on helping the folks.


We are currently looking for candidates to run as Third Party.  Check out our ideal, or "mock", candidates.  More to come soon!


Right now we only have Third Party and Republican candidates, but we will soon have all parties.

Mock Federal Candidates


Right now we only have Third Party and Libertarian mock candidates, but we will soon have all parties.

Mock State Candidates

County / Township / Municipal

Coming Soon!

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