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Third Party policies will always be (1) mainstream rather than "moderate", (2) reasonable, (3) fair, and (4) practical.

Liberty Economy

Third Party believes liberty must be protected, and we do so through decentralization of wealth and power, achieved by building a parallel economy made of local, small businesses.  This is the Liberty Economy.   Read on to explore the benefits of the Liberty Economy.

Join the Liberty Economy


Decrease or Eliminate Business & Personal Taxes

Leverage trusts (under English Common Law) to reduce your business and personal tax liability to 0%-5%, both legally and ethically.  Trusts also make your asset and liability protection bullet-proof.


Get Paid on Employees After They Quit

Losing an employee, especially a good one, is very expensive to your business.  Third Party can position you to generate revenue from former employees for years to come.


Be a More Competitive Employer

We will provide a 11-step financial literacy training at no charge to you and no charge to your employees.  This complimentary, quality education is added value to your employees.


Make Salary Negotiation Easier

We make salary negotiation easier during hiring and promotion by educating your current and prospective employees on the difference between a fair market wage and a living wage.  In our 11-step financial literacy training, we show how employment is merely the seed of an 11-step financial system, and it's the entire system that pays one's bills, and not just employment.  With the understanding that a "living wage" really has no meaning, the only negotiation point is a fair market wage, which is a more objective and thus easier conversation.


Boost Employee Morale

Our 11-step financial literacy program helps employees see greater value in their employment, since they understand it's but a seed in a 11-step program to produce personal wealth.  With a greater sense of value in one's work comes a boost in employee morale.


Increase Employee Retention

The 11-step financial literacy program includes a rent-to-own program, where financing is made available based on consistent income and rent payment, not credit.  Thus your employees can build equity while under your employ, increasing employee retention.


Avoid 401k Matching Program

The 11-step financial literacy program clearly demonstrates how a Diversified Cashflow Account and/or Private Reserve Account, both a part of the program, is holistically superior to a 401k plan.  Moreover, it will be clear to employees that a 401k match program is less lucrative than simply getting a raise and storing the additional income into the account(s).  This means there will be no demand for a 401k matching program.


Increase Customer Loyalty

Some customers are "conscious consumers", meaning they care about how you run your business, including how you treat your employees.  When you inform your customers that you offer a free 11-step financial literacy training to all employees, the conscious consumers will have greater loyalty to your business.


Increase Customer Sales

Existing customers may become a customer of the 11-step financial literacy program, or possibly become a referral agent.  Either way it's additional revenue for you.


Employee Retention Credit

If you retained employees during COVID, you may be eligible for a Federal grant, not a loan, for up to $26,000 per employee through the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), part of the Federal CARES Act.  The same 11-step financial literacy program includes assistance for applying for the ERC with no out of pocket cost to you, it is absolutely risk free.


Increase Your Posture with Politicians

Third Party raises your standard for political support by providing the above 10 point value proposition as a prerequisite to your political support (donations, endorsements, etc).  This gives you the posture to demand added value from any politician who asks you for your political support in the future.  You can confidently inform them that Third Party helped your business in 10 distinct ways BEFORE receiving any political support, and thus EARNED your trust.  Then all you need to ask of any other politician is, "What can you do for me NOW?"

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