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Offset Sales Tax

Sales tax disproportionately hurts lower income people, and Third Party helps provide immediate relief by offsetting sales tax with the below library of resources.  Sales tax ranges between 1%-10% and the growing library below contains ways to reduce everyday expenses by 1%-10%, thus offsetting the sales tax.  All links are affiliate links which helps Third Party maintain and expand this library at no cost to citizens.  Ultimately, Third Party plans to permanently eliminate sales tax through the Tax Income Bounty.

Discount Gift Cards

Discount gift cards can offset sales tax at a wide variety of stores, such as Walmart, CVS, Starbucks, etc.  

For example, if you buy a $100 Walmart gift card at a discounted price of $99, then you can buy $100 of groceries while only paying $99.  You saved $1 on groceries, which is 1% of your $100 grocery bill, and this  offsets the 1% sales tax you owe on your grocery bill.

Offset sales tax with Card Cash, a discount gift card program

Cheap Cell Service

Cell phone service is essential in today's society, so finding a quality and affordable service plan is always helpful.  We've found Mint Mobile to be an excellent choice., for $22/mo (after fees and taxes), you get the T-Mobile network and 10GB/mo.  Other plans exist with good prices, too.  Plus, if you refer someone you get ~25% off your bill, more than offsetting sales tax (hopefully, lol).  We're well satisfied with Mint Mobile, but if you know of cheaper cell service plans of comparable quality, please let us know!

Offset sales tax with Mint Mobile

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