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Third Party policies will always be (1) mainstream rather than "moderate", (2) reasonable, (3) fair, and (4) practical.

Eliminate Sales Tax

Sales tax disproportionately hurts people at lower income levels.  As such, Third Party is committed to permanently eliminating all sales tax.  We will replace sales tax revenue with private funding to prevent rises in other taxes/fines/fees.  Read on to learn how.

Earn the Citizens' Trust

We will earn the citizens' trust by offsetting sales tax through the private sector.  For example, we can offset a 10% sales tax by showing people how to reduce those purchases by 10% via discount gift cards, cash back programs, rewards programs, etc.  You might say this is a "poor man's" way of offsetting sales tax, but it's immediate help for everyday people struggling financially and it's a way to gain their trust.  If we can creatively offset sales tax "unofficially", imagine what we can do officially in office, without raising other taxes/fines/fees.

Learn How to Offset Sales Tax Immediately


Tax Income Bounty (TIB)

Third Party proposes the Tax Income Bounty (TIB), a government program that pays a 1% cash bounty reward to anyone with a viable plan for replacing tax income with private funding for 5+ years.  For example, if Larry Sharpe finds a way to replace $811M of taxes to fix the Brooklyn Bridge, say by leasing naming rights to the bridge, then Larry will receive $8.11M (1% of $811M) as a cash bounty reward.  Income tax free, of course.

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